Hung Phat Thanh Manufacturing and Trading company (HUPHATACO., LTD) was established in 1999, is a large producer and supplier of chemicals for Industry, Agriculture, Pisciculture, Plastics and Packing. The establishment of the company is the successive development of a qualified and dynamic team of engineers and specialists with years of official training and experience. Responding to the process of industrialization and modernization of the country, the development of Vietnamese industries, we specialize in:

* Trading : Many kind of Industrial Chemicals for Rubber; Plastics; PP, HDPE, PE Bags; Sugar; Process of Rubber Wood; Dyeing; Paint and Paper…
* Producing:
– Many kind of PP woven Bag, HDPE Bag, PE Bag… with best quality.
– Calcium Carbonate Compound (Hupet-Taical-Calpet) for Plastics and Woven Bags.
* Good technical services.
* Professional laboratory.
* Consistent price list.
* High speed supply.
* Good consultancy.
* Good customer services

Sales Office :
58 Street No.6 , Binh Tri Dong B Ward , Binh Tan District , Hochiminh City , Vietnam

Factory :
Block 6A-6B , D1 Street , An Ha Industrial Zone , Binh Chanh District , Hochiminh City , Vietnam


Customer satisfactions about quality, price, diversity, supply speed, technical services… are our goals and priorities. Diligence, creativity and specialization from production, distribution to after sale services of our staff help Hung Phat Thanh Co. Ltd. to achieve the above goals.

We are committed to provide customers highest satisfaction and we are always your trustworthy partner.